HONOLULU -- In a united act of patriotism a group of young service members renewed their commitment to the United States military under the towering turrets of the Mighty Mo in Pearl Harbor, Wednesday.The staff of the Battleship Missouri Memorial hosted the Joint Reenlistment Ceremony as an opportunity for those who wish to continue their service in remembrance of 9/11, surrounded by the historic locations of both the start and end of World War II.With about 150 family and friends looking on from the bow of the USS Missouri, the group of about 50 service members of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines raised their right hands, pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States and renewed their enlistment contracts with their respective branches for another term."If any of you have not read the US Constitution cover to cover, I have a car out in the parking lot you can buy without looking at it first," Presiding Officer Maj. Gen. Anthony Crutchfield, Chief of Staff, US Pacific Command, said while holding up a copy of the constitution. He urged all in attendance to become familiar with and take pride in our bill of rights, which outline the basic tenets of our way of life and provide a hopeful future for generations to come.After the ceremony Crutchfield congratulated each of the service members and paused to take photos with them and their families.