FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- The leadership of the 8th Special Troops Battalion, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, continues to enhance their Soldiers with something more powerful than weapons and equipment by finishing up another round of master resiliency training, Sept. 5, in order to keep their Soldiers strong minded and fit to fight.

The purpose of the training is to enhance the performance and improve the overall strength and resilience of Soldiers, family members, and Army civilians.

"The training is a long term investment in our Soldiers," said Capt. Kristin Tashma, officer in charge of resiliency for the 8th STB and the 8th TSC. "We're teaching Soldiers to use coping skills, and really teaching them how to deal with stress on a multitude of levels."

The master resiliency training program focuses on six key skills, said Master Sgt. Isaac Day, level two resiliency trainer and noncommissioned officer in charge of the Surgeon Cell section for the 8th TSC: self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strength of character, and connection.

"The concept behind the program is simple: being Army Strong is much more than being physically fit; it is about mental and emotional strength as well," said Day.

The Soldiers can use the skills taught with their coworkers, their family members and others to create more positive constructive relationships, Day continued. It allows them to approach situations with a different mindset.

"I had a Soldier come up to me after I taught a class and tell me that he was currently going through a tough time in his career, and that the skills he learned [in class] would allow individuals like himself to learn how to control their thoughts and emotions, which in turn will help them better manage their personal and professional relationships," said Day. "I feel that once our warriors have the skills and tools to cope with the mental and emotional stressors that they face daily, they will eventually have better balance in their lives."

The Soldiers will continue to be taught master resiliency training, switching out classes each quarter, to better understand the total Soldier concept and the Army's strides to making Soldiers more resilient.