If there is a geographic component to the Corps's work in Europe, Thomas Rodehaver has it or wants it. Rodehaver recently created a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) portal that Europe District employees can use to get precise information about Installation Management Command - Europe (IMCOM-E) facilities.

"I wanted to give everybody here the ability search on an installation or search on a building," said Rodehaver, Europe District GIS lead. "It's not at its final stage yet, but it's certainly at a point where users can get a feel for its ability."

By combining existing IMCOM-E data with an out-of-the-box spatial data management application called "ArcGIS Server," Rodehaver has made it easier for District employees to find installation or building data, calculate exact distances between U.S. facilities in Europe, or calculate exact areas.

"You can search by installation, zoom in, you can highlight a building and get all the data on that building - the building number, the installation it's on, what kind of structure it is."
Development on the site will continue as more data is made available.

"In the future what I'd like to do is create red-lining abilities for users. ... So [users] could pull the site up and do interactive planning on site by red-lining a washrack or a hardstand or a new gym."