Name: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James "Dusty" Gray

Years of Federal Service: 34

Activities/Hobbies: Enjoying time with my wife and grand children.

Where do you work? JFHQ-NCR/MDW Command Chaplain's Office

What is your job title? Wounded Warrior Chaplain

Describe your job: As a mobilized chaplain I support the JFHQ-NCR/MDW Command Chaplain's Office by ministering to the Wounded Warriors as they arrive at their first landfall in the USA at Joint Base Andrews as well as providing religious support to the Army Air Group (AAOG) and to Fort AP Hill.

What do you like best about your job? I liken the opportunity to be as Warren Wiersbe would say, "Ministry occurs when you become God's channel in providing divine resources to meet Soldiers and their families' needs to the glory of God." The NCR is full of acronyms and I like implementing MBWA principles. For me this means "Ministering By Walking Around." As I walk I come into contact with so many who are serving our Nation. When we meet I have the opportunity to serve God and Country and one way I do that is to give them a shake of the hand and my handout called "The Chaplain's Compass." I hope to touch them for God and for a brief moment minister, strengthen, and encourage them as they serve.

What is your most memorable experience during your time here at MDW? When I prayed with a Vietnam Veteran's wife at the Vietnam Wall on the day her husband's name was being placed on the wall Memorial Day, 2009.

Would you recommend working here to other Soldiers or federal employees? Yes, Absolutely. MDW is an assignment like no other in that you and your family live within your own battle space to accomplish a diversity of missions from special events such as our Presidential Inauguration to being ready to respond to terrorist threats or disasters that may take place in the NCR. All of these have national consequences and impacts. Therefore, the MDW mission is of daily National and International significance. What a responsibility! What an opportunity! What a privilege!