CTSF test experts examine 101 tactical system test cases for Army interoperability
FORT HOOD, Texas -- The Central Technical Support Facility Test Team was hard at work in mid-March and early April in the Software Block 11-12 Army Interoperability Certification, AIC, Tri-Annual test.
The event, the second of three major interoperability certification tests scheduled this year for Software Block 11-12, will see CTSF test officers and operators, examining 101 test cases involving major tactical software systems.

The Bradley Fire Support Team, air defense artillery, and fire support systems were the primary focus of testing during the opening weeks of the AIC event. The test team turned its attention to other systems, including aviation software, later in the event.
The CTSF test floors were linked to the Redstone System Aviation Integration Lab to facilitate testing of aviation systems during the AIC event, according to CTSF Test Director Madeline Wright.