TOOELE ARMY DEPOT, Utah - Gen. Dennis L. Via, commanding general of the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), made a second visit to Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) on Aug. 27. Tooele Army Depot Commander Col. Roger McCreery and Deputy to the Commander Gary Carney provided the depot mission overview and updates on TEAD's capabilities and core competencies.

The visitors toured the Pilot Model Shop and observed the functioning of one of TEAD's Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE), which was designed, manufactured and tested onsite. Project Manager John Godwin gave an active demonstration of the Safety Certification System for fired brass smaller than .50 caliber.

During the general's visit, he encouraged TEAD management to continue their marketing efforts especially for the depot's unique capabilities. He explained the importance of partnering with public and private agencies and also within other agencies of the Department of Defense. "This is a major thrust, has high congressional interest and is supported by the Secretary of Defense as a valuable means to maintain our expertise in our industrial bases," Via said.
Via explained to the depot staff that he has personally hosted workload conferences for leaders of large corporations so they know AMC's capabilities. He emphasized the importance of partnership efforts, particularly in this time of economic uncertainty.

Via showed particular interest in one of the depot's current partnerships with Defense Logistic Agency (DLA) which is fabricating one-ton containers for spent mercury that is currently stored at Hawthorne Army Depot, Nev. There are no containers on the market that meet the Department of Transportation's stringent criteria for mercury storage. In Fiscal Year 2013, TEAD manufactured 400 of the one- ton mercury containers with four option years for an additional 1,600 containers.

"This is as an excellent example of finding our unique capabilities that match customer requirements that are not available anywhere else in the private sector or off the shelf suppliers," Via said. "I'm convinced that this capability makes TEAD the best in Department of Defense."

Because of TEAD's alternative energy accomplishments, Via was interested in the renewable wind and solar efforts, and partnership with Infinia Corporation, a local Utah company. Layne Packer of Infinia, Corporation showed one of the newly installed 430 Stirling Solar Array PowerDishes. TEAD Energy Conservation Manager Royal Rice briefed the general on future projects as well as the wind turbine that has been functioning and producing electricity since 2010. The depot will receive approximately 60 percent of its electricity from alternative energy projects.

Via applauded TEAD's ongoing marketing efforts and stressed the need to continue in building more public private partnerships. "We must consistently market our capabilities and tell company CEOs what we do…there are companies out there looking for this type of expertise and capabilities…working together we can make it happen," Via said.

As the visit continued, Via returned to the depot's headquarters for briefings and demonstration of the conventional ammunition core mission. Jerry Romano, chief of the Shipping and Receiving Division, presented an overview on TEAD's aggressive shipping, receiving and storage capabilities and how this mission is the western hub for conventional ammunition. A demonstration of the depot's Straddle Carrier showed the capabilities of the carrier and how it loads, lifts, and transports conventional ammunition to storage sites or out loading areas. TEAD uses this unique piece of equipment for ammunition movement within the ammunition area.
Romano updated Via on the progress of storing C-4 rocket motors at Tooele Army Depot, South Area, for the Missile Defense Agency, again demonstrating an excellent partnership for the DoD and TEAD.

Via thanked the team upon his departure. "You are all part of a winning team," Via said."Tooele Army Depot has some very unique capabilities and needs to continue with the aggressive marketing plans." Although this was not Via's first visit to the depot, he said he enjoyed and appreciated his visit and the update on the core missions.