The St. Paul District hosted its annual open house at Lock and Dam 1 in Minneapolis in conjunction with the annual Highland Fest, celebrated by the St. Paul, Minn., Highland neighborhood, July 19.

This year's event drew about 750 individuals through the lock and dam. The shop area was staged as a welcome introduction to the facility, complete with a small-scale lock and dam model. Jessica Jones, Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam tour guide in Minneapolis, answered questions from visitors on the promenade overlooking the lock chamber. The lock staff also opened the central control tower to the public. They were able to watch two different videos about the locks and dams, as well as look at historic photos and log books. A lock operator answered questions from control tower that serves as a bird's eye view of the lock chamber.

"I think the open house was well planned, perfectly staffed and executed without incident. The lock and dam model seemed to be enjoyed by the children who visited," said Lockmaster Tim Tabery. "The open house could not have been conducted without the help from the public affairs staff, a tour guide from Upper St. Anthony Falls and the staff from Lock 1. With all participants assisting, the open house went off without a hitch."