Fort Buchanan, PR- (Aug 29, 2013)- Approximately 100 Soldiers from the 268th Transportation Company, US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, were received by a joyous group of Family members here, Aug. 29, after completing a 9 months tour in Afghanistan.

"Be safe. Spend some quality time with your Families and take it easy in the process of reintegration with your loved ones. Remember that we have specialized resources to support you in case you encounter any problems during this process. Thank you for everything," said Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernandez, senior Army Reserve officer in the Caribbean, while addressing the troops shortly after exiting the airplane.

The Army Reserve troops were in charge of transporting supplies, equipment and personnel in Bargram, one of the largest U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. They also performed duty at different locations across the Southwest Asian country.

"Our unit did an excellent job, based on the great performance of each and every one of the Soldiers, "said 1st Lt. Dionisio Diaz Rosario, the unit's Executive Officer.

The great performance of the 268th Transportation Company validates the progressive readiness plans of the US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico.

Since the year 2001, the largest federal US Army command in the Caribbean has deployed approximately 5,000 Soldiers in support of overseas contingency operations, which clearly indicates that the local troops have become an essential part of the total force, with streamlined, deployable forces and citizen Soldiers who embody the warrior mindset and spirit.