Emergencies are not planned. They happen unexpectedly and often leave people, and communities feeling helpless.

September is National Preparedness Month and Anniston Army Depot is again taking steps to be prepared by informing the installation of all-hazard emergencies (natural and man-made) at home, work, and throughout their community.

The depot is dedicated to sustaining progress made to date and to continue improving our awareness, readiness, and resilience when a disaster or emergency strikes. During the month, the depot will conduct several emergency management events: an Active Shooter Drill, Command Drill, and an Annual Protection Exercise.

We urge you to visit the army ready website (http://www.acsim.army.mil/readyarmy/), to review the army preparedness tenets. Be informed, make a plan, build a kit, and get involved, and in addition to this, continue taking action.

Be informed -
• Consider emergency situations that occur in your geographic area annually.
• Examine reported hazards in the areas your family frequents.
• Identify the challenges, limitations, and specific needs of each family member.

Make a plan -
• Plan for emergency situations early and update existing plans with lessons learned after every incident.
• Incorporate geographic hazards and common local emergencies into planning.

Build a kit -
• Prepare for all-hazards emergencies by assembling at least one emergency kit for your home.
• Include basic household items necessary in an emergency such as water, food, batteries, and radio at a minimum.
• Ensure enough supplies to last 72 hours.

Get involved -
• Identify volunteers prior to a disaster or emergency.
• Train volunteers for their potential disaster role when practical.

For additional information, please contact the Depot Operations Office at 256-235-4769.