KUWAIT (Aug. 29, 2013) -- Medics of the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery constantly contribute to the overall mission success of the entire battalion.

On a regular basis, they are required to maintain their own training, combat lifesaver readiness, conduct reactions to alert state assumptions, maintain sick call hours, perform hourly wet bulb updates, and work shifts in the troop medical clinic. The "Heavy-Hitters" battery medical section is hard-working and an intricate part of the "I Strike" battalion.

The HHB medical section trains internally to maintain the section's readiness for any type of event to include suture practice, review of anatomy and physiology, and developing patient care skills. Beyond internal training, they maintain the battalion's overall readiness of certified combat lifesavers. The weeklong, intensive training course requires medics to demonstrate and evaluate Soldiers for certification.

The battalion also depends on the section for daily sick-call where they treat patients needing immediate attention.

Staff Sgt. Shuntrenda Connaughton, medical noncommissioned officer in charge, leads the section with enthusiasm and intricate technical skill.

"It is great to have as many medics as we do, so that we can have the appropriate time to train," she said.

Connaughton remains optimistic about the rest of the deployment and all that it requires of the medical staff. She ensures all plans for training exercises have appropriate medical personnel and equipment available to include air and missile defense exercises, mobility exercises and alert state assumptions.

"Training hard for the worst circumstance is necessary, so that when we get into a real-life scenario, we react immediately, which saves lives," said Spc. Shaniek Tose, another medic section member.

Overall, the medical team maintains a high standard of proficiency and that standard has risen since they deployed in October. The team supports the battalion through their dedication, resiliency and hard work.

"I am proud to say we are a stronger unit with the medics, I know they have helped me and so many of our Soldiers, and will continue that reputation through the deployment," said 1st Sgt. Roberto Chavez.