ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- John Clark, a depot small arms repairer, was recently awarded the Non-Article 5 North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal for his service while deployed as a civilian to Afghanistan.

Clark's time overseas was spent assisting with repair missions for M2A1 machine guns.

Col. Brent Bolander presented Clark with the medal in front of a gathering of his coworkers Aug. 27.

"Our Army identifies or recognizes service for those who deploy," said Bolander. "One of those recognitions is called the NATO medal."

Bolander mentioned both he and Depot Sgt. Maj. Jeffrey Marcon each have been awarded the medal, but added he had never heard of a civilian receiving it before.

Clark called his trip overseas "a learning experience" and thanked those he served with for their assistance and expertise as well as the small arms leadership.

"I appreciate Jeff [Bonner] for trusting that I could get the job done, said Clark of the Weapons Division chief.

Clark was overseas three and a half months. Throughout that time, he traveled to a number of locations, bringing repair services to the warfighters.

"We would travel to between four and six sites in a day, depending upon where we were needed and what needed to be done," said Clark. "Sometimes, you have to go to the work."