Labor Day is a markedly American holiday, fashioned by workers to honor to our Nation's workforce and acknowledge its role as a source of America's strength, freedom, and leadership. All of you have been working very hard to make sure the Installation Management Command continues to make a difference in every Soldier, Army Civilian, and Army Family member's life.

Each of you plays an important role in accomplishing our mission. The work you do every day makes the Army better, stronger, more ready and resilient. And that is why we need you to help eliminate preventable accidents.

As you celebrate with Family and friends this Labor Day weekend, plan your activities with care to minimize risk. Seek balance, moderation, and good life habits.

Lapses in safety affect us all. Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Army Family members continue to lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents from distractions or driving under the influence. Both are 100 percent preventable! It is incumbent upon each of us to plan, prepare, and execute to a standard that ensures that all risk is minimized.

We are proud to say that IMCOM has had no fatalities during the Labor Day weekend the last three fiscal years. Thanks for leading the way, and let's stay on that path by focusing on safety, always, and taking care of each other. Visit the U.S. Army's Safety Center at for tips and training on risk identification and mitigation, and review suicide prevention information at

Team IMCOM touches everyone and everything at Army installations. Our Family, friends, fellow co-workers, and the Army depend on us to take care of Soldiers, Army Civilians and Army Families, and we need you to set a standard of zero tolerance for reckless behavior and subtle behavioral changes that could indicate heightened levels of stress. Do it for yourself, your loved ones, your IMCOM Family, and your Army.

CSM Rice and I are exceptionally proud of what you have accomplished. And, as you enjoy the remaining days of warm weather and the company of friends and Family, live well, eat well, increase fitness, and rest and relax. Let us work together and take care of each other so we can continue making a difference in the lives of Soldiers, Civilians and Families.

Army Strong!