REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Moving the Army Contracting Command and Expeditionary Contracting Command headquarters staffs to their new temporary home is like putting together a giant puzzle, according to relocation planners.

"All the pieces have been dumped on the table and everyone has a piece," explained Mike Holcomb, ACC commandant, whose office is managing the move's logistics.

The move to 106 Wynn Drive in nearby Huntsville will take place in three phases, according to Kevin Burleson, engineer and project manager for the relocation, Deputy Chief of Staff Installation and Logistics G-4.

He said phase one will begin Sept. 15, phase two on Oct. 15, and phase three on Nov. 15. He expects the puzzle to be completed in early January.

Burleson said the command is using its existing furniture to save money. He estimated it would cost about $3,500 per person, or about $1.4 million, to buy new furniture.

"That's why we're doing this move the way we are," he added.

Holcomb credited Ray Gray of the Commandant's office for developing the move plan to ensure the puzzle pieces fall when and where they should. Gray is working with the moving company and duty sections to coordinate the moves.

Specific moving dates will be scheduled by relocatable building and duty section, Gray said. Occupants will get their moving boxes two days prior to their scheduled move.

"On moving day, the movers will show up and load all packed boxes for that section and relocate them to the new facility, completing the move that day," he explained.

Burleson and Holcomb agreed that the plan is manageable, but one problem could delay the process.

The move is like lining up dominoes, then knocking them down, Holcomb explained. "If one domino doesn't fall in place, then we have a problem."

One of their chief concerns is whether the information technology equipment will be ready for people on Sept. 15. Once the contract is awarded, the equipment must be configured by the Redstone Network Enterprise Center.

Ed Stayton, operations chief, ACC Chief Information Officer G-6, said the IT contract was awarded Aug. 20.

"We will put pressure on the supplier to ship as soon as possible. Based on my experience, I fully expect to have the building ready for IT equipment on Sept. 15," he said.

Both campuses will have video teleconferencing and desktop support throughout the move, Stayton said. He does not expect any degradation of service at either location. As the population shifts, so will the number of technicians at each site.

"Our plan is sound," he added, "and support can be adjusted quickly."

Stayton said everyone will get new, voice over internet protocol telephones, which will allow the staffs to keep their current telephone numbers. VoIP telephone calls are transmitted over an IP network such as the Internet rather than traditional telephone lines, he said.

ACC and ECC headquarters staffs will remain at the Wynn Drive location until their permanent home at 4505 Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal, is ready for occupation in fiscal year 2016.