SCHWEINFURT, Germany (Aug. 21, 2013) -- The community here welcomed Diana Norton, the new store manager at the Main Exchange located at Ledward Barracks. Norton, a longtime AAFES employee with experience in closing Army garrisons, will head the Main Exchange up through the garrison's closure in 2014.

Norton, a local national, is originally from Wurzburg. She has worked for AAFES shoppettes for the last 35 years. Familiar with the closure process, Norton worked and helped close the Wurzburg shoppette before coming to Schweinfurt.

"I think closure should be pretty smooth," she said. "The pre-closure work has already begun with the movement of the PXtra and clothing and sales. We have a lot of employees that were a part of the Kitzingen and Wurzburg closures that will make things even easier."

Currently the manager of the Ledward shoppette, she is excited for the new challenges of the main store.

"My goal to maintain the PX like it is. Customer service is my number one priority," said Norton.
When asked what she wants the customers to know from the PX she reassured that they are here for you. If you have a problem or a concern they can help, she said.

"I want the customer to happy, I want to treat them how I would want to be treated," said Norton.