WIESBADEN, Germany -- Thirty-five U.S. Army Europe Soldiers and officers will compete in USAREUR's 2013 Best Warrior and Best Officer Competitions, Aug. 18-23. The competitions take place at USAREUR's Joint Multinational Training Command facilities in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck, Germany.

The six days of competition challenge competitors to complete a series of approximately 30 tasks and missions. Competition events are designed to test each warrior's knowledge and skills in areas such as land navigation, weapons assembly and prevention of sexual harassment and suicide.

Competitors were previously selected as their organizations' top Soldier, NCO or officer in local competitions at their units across Europe.

The events are structured to be physically challenging and mentally stimulating. The competitors will participate in a day and night land navigation exercise, a physical fitness test, a combatives tournament and other physical activities. Soldiers and officers will also participate in a simulated media interview, write an essay, take a written examination, and demonstrate their military knowledge and bearing for a board of sergeants major.

Winners in the Best Soldier and Best NCO categories will go on to compete at the Department of the Army level in October. USAREUR is one of the few Army organizations that holds a Best Officer competition.

For more information on USAREUR's Best Warrior and Best Officer Competitions, visit www.eur.army.mil/BestWarrior.