ROSE BARRACKS, Germany -- There is a buzz making its way around the Dragoon Ready Reserve, 2d Cavalry Regiment about the upcoming 2013 U.S. Army Europe Best Warrior Competition that will be held at Camp Aachen located in the Grafenwoehr Training Area, August 18-23, 2013.

DR2 will have three of its own representing 2 CR at the competition this year: Spc. Michael A. Griffith and 1st Lt. Anthony J. Cramer, both with Regimental Support Squadron and Sgt. Anthony A. Frost with 4th Squadron.

All three soldiers are excited about the chance to compete in the competition.

"I entered because I wanted to test myself both mentally and physically," said Cramer, a medical service officer. "And to see how far I can go against other soldiers."

Frost, a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialist, agreed.

"The competition is to know anything and everything they are willing to throw at you and it will be us representing 2 CR against everyone else," said Frost.

Griffith, a wheeled vehicle mechanic, explained the competition further.

"The competition presses on the knowledge of the soldier, from junior enlisted to non-commissioned officer to officer, in order to see what kind of knowledge you have in specific areas military-wise," said Griffith.

Frost also talks about other aspects of the competition.

"I have been physically training every day and studying land navigation," said Frost. "We went out on the range, the other day, for a couple of hours to go over plotting and learned how to associate and navigate terrain features."

The training regiments for all three soldiers are very similar but Cramer puts emphasis on the athletic portion of his training.

"Physically, I have been lifting and doing everything from PT [physical training] to two-a-days. The other, more technical skills, I have been training on weekly," said Cramer.

While maintaining their confidence, all three soldiers seem focused on the job-at-hand but are prepared should the outcome be less than they expect.

"If I lost, I would take what I have learned and what I have messed up on and try to focus on what I did wrong," said Griffith. "So I can come back stronger the next time."

Cramer agreed but was more to the point about what will be driving him during the competition.

"If I lose, it will be a disappointment but you have to take things in stride," said Cramer. "You can't give up after one try. I am representing my unit and that is what matters."