WIESBADEN, Germany - Want to improve your German, make new friends and delve deeper into the German culture?

Then Wiesbaden's Kontakt-Outreach Club may be just for you.

"We're looking for new American members," said Sabine Reighard-Orf, a member of Wiesbaden's Kontakt-Outreach Club.

"People may not realize all of the things we are able to do," she said, explaining that in addition to offering members a wide range of fun activities from dinings out to trips, Kontakt is equally engaged in community service projects. "We try to help in any way we can.

"It's the little things where we can help," Reighard-Orf said. "If there is a need in the community we can always help -- including translating. Especially for spouses whose husbands are deployed and may be afraid to go out, we can help them feel more comfortable. We'll go with them, show them the best places to shop, etc."

V Corps Soldiers returning to Wiesbaden from Afghanistan were greeted by members of Kontakt with flowers at homecoming events. The club's members were also on hand at the community's Independence Day bash in Hainerberg Housing with coffee and cake for sale.

"Join Kontakt to learn the German trends and other things about Germany. Get together with Germans and Americans to eat, talk, take trips, visit museums or a winery," said Reighard-Orf, listing a few of the many activities offered through the organization. "If you get together with the club members you'll have a much different experience during your time here."

The Kontakt fundraiser and spokesperson said she first became aware of Kontakt after reading about it on the Internet. "I wanted to practice my English and I like the things that they do and their programs."

Kontakt members were also on hand in the streets of Wiesbaden Aug. 11 for the annual Iron Man Competition -- serving as volunteers to hand out water and other refreshments. Among outreach efforts of Kontakt is working with other organizations such as the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, Army Community Service, the USO and local scouts to help support community and other local events, she said.

Why get involved with Kontakt?

"Because you get to know Germany and Germans -- it's all about friendship," Reighard-Orf said. "Call us, visit us on the Internet, send us an email or stop by our roundtable get-togethers (at the Frankenstube in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim) the first and third Tuesday of the month."

For more information or to get involved with the Wiesbaden club, visit www.outreach-wiesbaden.com, send an email to info@outreach-wiesbaden.com or call civ (01578) 191 9929.