CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. -- "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers." This William Shakespeare quote is literally true for two sets of brothers in 146th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Pensacola, Fla.Brothers Spc. Micaiah Glover and 1st Lt. Elijah Glover; and brothers Sgt. Brandon Corey McAlpin and Sgt. Richard Kyle McAlpin provide communication and signal support for the 31st Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Brigade, of Alabama and the 4th Military Police Brigade, of Michigan for Vibrant Response 13-2.Vibrant Response, a major field training exercise, is conducted by U.S. Northern Command and led by U.S. Army North. Approximately 5,700 service members and civilians from the military and other federal and state agencies are training to respond to a catastrophic domestic incident. As a component of U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Army North, coordinates timely federal military response to disasters in the homeland to help the American people in time of need. Elijah Glover, the unit's executive officer and acting commander at Vibrant Response, treats his twin brother in a professional manner. Micaiah addresses Elijah as sir, and Elijah addresses Micaiah as Glover. Elijah leaves it up to the non-commissioned officer counsel his brother if it is needed.Micaiah said if he needs something for the field, he uses his chain of command like any other Soldier in the unit would. He doesn't go directly to his brother. "We still joke around and talk about family matters every once in while if we have time during lunch or before formation," said Micaiah, a 25B -- an information technology specialist. Adding they focus on the mission while on duty. Micaiah installs, operates and performs unit maintenance on multi-functional/multi-user information processing systems and peripheral equipment and auxiliary devices. He's mostly in charge of the internet networks inside a building.Elijah said it takes people a while to figure out that he and Micaiah are brothers because of their professionalism. The other set of brothers are a little different.Unlike the Glovers, they are not twins. And they call each other by their middle names -- Corey and Kyle."NCOs are allowed to call each other by their first name if they know each other and are the same rank," Elijah said."We work off each other's strengths," said Kyle. "There's some stuff I know better, and there's some stuff he knows better. We work really well as a team."Corey, a 25S -- satellite communication systems operator-maintainer, is responsible for lines of communication. He works mostly with line-of-site communications. It's a truck that has an external wire that connects to a 15- to 30-foot antenna. The line-of-site communications is mostly there in case the satellite goes out, but also to help clear disruption in communication.Kyle, a 25Q -- multichannel transmission systems operator-maintainer, works directly on equipment that communicate through more than one channel. He mostly works with the Satellite Transport Terminal. As a civilian mechanic, Kyle also is able to fix some of the unit's equipment when it goes down -- like the generator."Soldiers describe Corey as the 'City Mouse' and Kyle as the 'Country Mouse'," said Elijah. "You'll be able to decipher the monikers in quick conversation. Kyle has a distinct Southern accent and parables life in well-drawn tales. While Corey prefers the tall silent persona."Elijah, describing the McAlpin brothers, said "The Brothers Mac work well on and off the proverbial grid; with one another, their leaders and fellow NCOs and with their subordinates. These gentlemen command a respect due any professional of their caliber."Elijah added one final thought to describe the two sets of brothers: "During duty hours professionalism with a mission focus is the personal creed of all members of the 146th ESB family and the standard holds no exceptions for those of blood relation."