Carol Wolf and her fellow members of the Southern Tennessee Valley Chapter of the American Sewing Guild want to help Soldiers in the field keep things cool.

Wolf, a contracts attorney with the Army Contracting Command, and her fellow seamstresses devoted time in July to create more than 80 cool ties in desert tones that are destined for active duty military serving in forward operating areas.

A cool tie is a tube of cotton fabric partially filled with polymer crystals which can hold 2 cups of water when hydrated. Soaked in water, the cool tie's polymer granules can absorb more than 200 percent their weight in water. When tied around the neck or worn as a headband, a cool tie provides cool relief through evaporation.

"I volunteered to coordinate and provide instruction on making the cool ties this time," Wolf said. "This batch of cool ties is being given to the ACC Chaplain's office which will use their chaplain channels to see that they are distributed to forward deployed active duty troops in Afghanistan," Wolf said.

Wolf said the local chapter has 31 registered members but because of the geographic challenges, normally 10 or 12 members attend each meeting. In addition to members, she said those who are curious or are just willing to lend a helping hand can attend. Chapter members Karen Presnall, Norma Stone, Carolyn Cunningham, Angela Divoll, Carol Wolf and Kim Tycer, ACC chief counsel, a chapter guest, completed the cool ties in one setting.

"Ms. Tycer had mentioned that she did some sewing so I invited her as many hands make light work," Wolf said.

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