FORT CHAFFEE, Ark. -- Civilian subcontractors of Logistic Health Incorporated prepared soldiers for their annual training amongst extreme heat, high humidity and a large amount of troops here, July 16.

LHI workers performed Physical Heath Assessments, dental exams, blood draws and administered immunizations at the Soldier Readiness Program center.

"These are the basic services the company must provide for the Army so the soldiers can perform their duties while at annual training," said Gene Wiggs of LHI.

Wiggs, of Mulberry, Fla., a civilian subcontractor of LHI, works for LHI during the summer months while on vacation from his teaching job. He provided all administrative services and took basic vitals of troops.

"I try to make it as easy as possible for the transition into training," said Wiggs. "The units tell LHI what services they need to provide for their soldiers and we try to accommodate those as fast as possible."

Sgt. Tiffany Harris, of Vicksburg, Miss., with the 412th Theater Engineer Command, said providing all the necessary medical services within a few days before a massive operation could be one of the best things a unit could have done for them, because there is not enough time during drill weekend to take care of everything.

"Being patient with soldiers while trying to satisfy them were some of the hardest issues to overcome," said Amanda Ferguson, from Cocoa Beach, Fla. She said the basic things necessary for her and the other employees to run smooth are "sleep, coffee and a snack!"

"Services have been running smooth so far," said Ferguson. "I understand that the soldiers coming in are a little impatient due to their busy work schedule or just coming on base after traveling long distances."

"We are always making sure our troops are good to go," said Wiggs, "Our whole goal is to serve those who have served our country."

Approximately 1,000 soldiers went through the SRP before starting their annual training. Though not every soldier who entered needed to have services provided for them, all passed through the LHI doors to make sure they were up-to-date with their medical records.