FORT SHAFTER -- The mission of every modern Army Soldier is to learn techniques from the Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP). The 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command (94th AAMDC) ensured its Soldiers got the proper training they need at Fort Shafer Flats, July 31.

Throughout the training, the Soldiers learned vital techniques that will give the Soldiers confidence in the face of hand-to-hand combat. Many of the Soldiers from the command understand that the importance of the training is not just its importance on the battlefield but also that it may mean quicker promotions in their career.

Sgt. Anthony Rivera, a native of Puerto Rico, attack operations, 94th AAMDC, said, "I volunteered to come over here because I feel it is good professional development."

Sgt. Mark Giauque, a native of California, early warning section chief, 94th AAMDC had put MACP off for the first three years of his career but finally decided to get the training out of the way.

Giauque said, "We did this for two days in basic training but this is way more intensive. We've learned submissions, how to handle yourself on the ground and gain superiority."

Most Soldiers who were interviewed were not really into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but they valued the training provided to them.

"I'm not really into MMA or anything, but I feel it is good to know it because you never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in downrange," said Giauque.

Pfc. Ronnie McNulty, a native of Mississippi, human resources specialist, 94th AAMDC, and who played football for the University of New Mexico, has been in the Army less than a year and knows that he may be called to go downrange as support for his command and possibly face direct combat situations.

"We've been here for only two days, but I've learned so much about the arm bar and basically, how to defend myself because you never know what you may run across in your life," said McNulty.
The mission of the MACP is to prepare leaders and Soldiers, while instilling the warrior ethos, to defeat enemies in close-quarters combat.

The MACP started in 1995 with the 2nd Ranger Battalion and has spread across the Army. It has been incorporated into the new Army Training Circular 3-25.150. Basic combatives is one of the 40 warrior core tasks of the warrior ethos initiative.