FORT SHAFTER, HAWAII-- A Soldier from the 94th Army Air and Missile Defense Command was selected as the 2013 All Army Women Basketball team head coach.

Lt. Col. William "Nate" Johnson, chief of current operations, 94th AAMDC, was chosen as the 2013 All Army Women Basketball team head coach due to his hard work, dedication and prior coaching experience.

When receiving the word of his selection as head coach Johnson stated," It's always a privilege. I was excited about it having the ability to contribute to the all army program. A lot of people don't even know about All Army Sports. All they see on television is the war, but never anything about All Army Basketball. I want people to see another side of the Army."

"I think its great that we have one of our own Sea Dragons selected to be the 2013 All Army Women's Basketball team head coach," said Brig. Gen. Daniel Karbler, commanding general, 94th AAMDC. "He is a great leader and has those intangible leadership traits that make Soldiers want to do well. He's a great team builder and is the perfect coach and leader for the All Army Women's Basketball team. We are very proud of his accomplishment."

"I've been dealing with the All Army program since 1995," said Johnson. "I was the head coach of the Fort Hood men's basketball team and used to scrimmage against the All Army men team, and based on how well we did, the men's coach asked me to be the assistant coach of the All Army men's team. Once I did that, my name started being associated with All Army, and I had great success being head coach of Women's Armed Forces team. So almost every year, I get asked if I'm available to help with coaching the men or women's team."

Some people are born with natural ability to lead and mentor others.

Johnson revealed that while playing basketball in high school and college, he always felt like he was the coach on the floor making sure everyone was in the right place or position and knew what was going on. So, coaching came naturally to him after he finished playing college basketball.

Team coaches are charged with the responsibility of giving purpose, direction and motivation along with mentoring their players.

"My players know my background with playing basketball and coaching," said Johnson. "So I brag on my skills and challenge them. I tell them that I'm an old man but can still make a left handed lay up or open jump shot, and then I set simple goals for them while telling them to try and do their best so that they can and put forth their best effort."

There are various strategies to coaching athletic teams.

"I am a defensive minded coach," Johnson said. " I have a defensive concept that everybody is responsible for what happens on the court on the defensive end. I like to play up-tempo basketball, along with taking the first opportunity at a good shot, and moving the ball around while playing team offense."

Johnson later added, "The Women's All Army team has a great winning tradition, and I think that I have a great chance at winning a gold medal with the player selection with the support I receive from the commanders of the players."