KADENA AIR BASE, Japan - Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery, hosted Officers and Non Commissioned Officers from the Southwestern Composite Air Division from Naha Air Base showcasing battery command post operations, surface to air orders and air control orders on July 17th at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. These operations direct states of readiness, search sectors, identified threats, and instructions from higher headquarters.

"The purpose of our bilateral training program is to provide a robust missile defense program for Okinawa. Each time we come together both sides gain valuable observations on tactics, training and procedures which increases our proficiency. It is critical to build upon our relationship to maintain our operational capability," Maj. Joe Westerman, Battalion Operations Officer, 1-1 ADA.

Sgt. Robert Daimwood, Charlie Battery, 1-1 ADA briefed 6 officers and 11 non commissioned officers participating from the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces during a 90 minute presentation regarding the functions of the battery command post under different scenarios focusing on procedures, processing and dispersing orders.

Capt. Kiyotaka Higuchi, Chief, Foreign Liaison, Headquarters Southwest Composite Air Division, Naha Air Base talks about the significance of this training initiative. "It is very important because Okinawa is a tiny island. This type of interaction and bilateral training is very important for the future especially given the fact we need to work together and understand each other's procedures and processes.

1-1 ADA and Southwestern Composite Air Division have similar jobs and may be required to work together in the future. This kind of event is good opportunity to deepen our understanding and relationship at all ranks, and gives us the opportunity to be mission ready at all times.

Capt. Jason Windham, company commander for Charlie Battery, 1-1 ADA, echoed the same sentiments regarding this type of training. "Given the environment and the type of equipment both American and Japanese use, it is very important we share and have substantial knowledge and background of their procedures, processes and rules of engagement. Today, the members from the Japan Air Self Defense Forces gained insight regarding how our systems work and how we work within our command post."