TBILISI, Republic of Georgia -- U.S. and Georgian forces came together here July 7 to conduct force protection training in preparation for the upcoming exercise Immediate Response 2008.

Soldiers from U.S. Army Europe's 18th Military Police Brigade and 21st Theater Sustainment Command and Georgian Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Brigade continued to develop and strengthen their relationships as they learned how to conduct personnel and vehicle searches at an entrance control point.

"We are responsible for force protection," said Capt. David Morishuili, the Georgian security officer. "We needed to learn how the U.S. Army conducts their force protection so we can better work together in Iraq."

The Georgian military currently has units conducting operations in Iraq along with U.S. and other coalition forces. The Georgian 4th Brigade is scheduled to deploy to Iraq in the near future.

"We needed assistance with personnel searches and vehicle searches," Morishuili explained. "It is critical we learn these skills here before we go (to Iraq)."

Sgt. Bradley Byrd from the 272nd Military Police Company said he found the Georgian Soldiers ready and willing to learn.

"The Georgians welcome any training we can give them," said Byrd. "We really enjoy working with them."