Wiesbaden, GERMANY -- The Army has declared August as Antiterrorism Awareness Month. Throughout the month, you will see an increase in messages and postings throughout the USAREUR footprint covering our three themes.

Theme 1: Law enforcement as critical enablers to our security. Security personnel, ranging from military police and contract security guards to our extensive host nation support, often perform the thankless jobs in keeping our communities secure. We encourage everyone to take time and thank our security professionals for their tireless support.

Theme 2: Report suspicious activity - iWATCH. Vigilant community members play an important role in maintaining our security. Security forces cannot be everywhere at once, and may not pick up on anomalies that stand out to you. You know when something is out of the ordinary in your area. See something suspicious, say something. Reporting suspicious activity/behavior through our iWATCH/iSALUTE program could be the key piece in detecting a potential threat.

- You can report suspicious activity online at http://www.eur.army.mil/eureport. If you're witnessing a crime progress, or feel in imminent danger, call the military police at DSN 114 or host nation law enforcement at 112.

- Refresh your antiterrorism knowledge (i.e. suspicious behavior) by reviewing the AT Level I training at https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/.

Theme 3: Social Media. Social media is a double-edge sword. It provides a great platform to communicate and collaborate. For instance, USAREUR Antiterrorism uses "Stay Safe" Facebook and Twitter pages to alert people of demonstrations, travel alerts, "crime & safety" reports, and resources. On the dark side, there are many cautionary tales about the dangers of sharing too much information online. What you post may reach more than your intended audience. The smallest mistake on social media could lead to grave repercussions such as identity theft, hacked accounts (i.e. online banking), or becoming a scam victim. Throughout August, Stay Safe will posts tips on how to safely use social media. Join the conversation at the below links.