FORT BENNING, Ga., (July 31, 2013) -- Going to the Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus means letting go of some things you thought you knew about the American Civil War.

It's like when you learned that Christopher Columbus didn't actually discover America. History books can leave out a lot of information needed to tell the entire picture. And whether you are a history buff or not -- you'll walk out of the museum learning something you wouldn't have learned in grade school.

The history of the Civil War is told from the lesser-known perspective of fleets of ships -- the Navy. Learn how dangerous it was to be on the water and discover Fort Benning's and Columbus' ties to some well-known ships.

You will learn that it's a small world when it comes to the nation's history and Columbus. But more than that, you will discover the stories of men and women and their places in the history of our country and the Navy.

The museum is interactive. You don't just look at pictures on the wall; you can see actors living out scenes from American history right in the museum. You can get close up and personal with a real Civil War ship that is 250 feet in length and go inside recreated ships to get a feel of just how uncomfortable it was to be a sailor on a ship during the American Civil War.

And besides learning about the darker side of the Civil War and the Navy's incredible influence on the outcome on the Civil War -- you will learn about technology, attire, politics and more.

The museum's next program is "Cool History: Naval Technology" on Aug. 3. You'll see naval innovations discovered during that time period and take a River Walk bicycle tour for an educational experience. The program is children-friendly, so bring your kids as there will be hands-on activities for them as well.

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