REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--When Jack Cunnane spoke about the actions required to close the Army Contracting Command-National Capital Region contracting center, he said "there are 1,001 details, but we are managing every aspect of the drawdown and are on track to successfully meet the Army's July 20 closure date."

Cunnane, the former ACC-NCR deputy director, wasn't exaggerating. ACC-NCR's closure actions were literally measured by the thousands--and resources in the millions of dollars--according to a briefing Cunnane presented to Maj. Gen. Camille N. Nichols, ACC commanding general.

"I have been totally impressed with the commitment of the folks working at the NCR office until the very last box of contracts was shipped," Nichols said. "The herculean efforts of our NCR leadership team--especially Jack Cunnane--and the ACC deputy chief of staff Human Capital G-1 team made us all proud to be associated with this effort. The care and professionalism provided to our civilian workforce and the customers were without equal."

According to Cunnane, the center transferred 765 active contracts and 81 requiring activities' accounts to other ACC contracting offices. They also shipped 1,641 boxes containing 16,742 files to their gaining contracting offices. The staff archived more than 5,400 files and destroyed more than 25,000 pounds of paperwork long required.

The center, located in Alexandria, Va., relinquished 80,000 square feet of facility space and $3.1 million in property.

On the personnel side, ACC-NCR employed 201 people when the closure was announced Nov. 16. All but three of those employees gained employment or retired. According Cunnane, 125 of the ACC-NCR staff remained Army employees, 103 of those moving to other ACC locations.

ACC-NCR cased its colors July 11. The Army estimates the closure will save about $13 million annually. The savings will be achieved through increased efficiencies, reduced facilities and information technology costs and reduced locality pay as the positions were moved outside the National Capital Region.