Sgt. 1st Class Shannon K. Booker is a 51C acquisition, logistics and technology contracting noncommissioned officer assigned to the 864th Contingency Contracting Team with the Mission and Installation Contracting Command at Fort Belvoir, Va.

Describe your current position

As a contracting NCO stationed at Fort Belvoir, I assist customers on contracting issues such as their purchase requests. Regarding money issues, I assist them with their independent government estimates. I also give guidance to vendors on those matters concerning current contracts and new solicitations they may want to place a bid on.

Describe your passion for the job

My passion for the job has grown. I am starting to understand what I actually do on a daily basis. I am the connection between the customer and the vendor and I assist both of them on issues they have regarding their contract. I enjoy being able to help individuals when they do not know the next step forward.

Where do you call home? Tell us about your family and what you enjoy doing during your spare time.

I call home Charlottesville, Va. My family is a group of people that love to laugh and have fun. We are very loving and caring people who will always be there in a time of need or to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

In my spare time I enjoy time with my family watching my son play soccer and run races. We also enjoy our walks in the neighborhood.

How does your job support the Soldier?

By providing a variety of services to each unit such as maintenance, trash removal and IT (information technology) support, this allows Soldiers to focus on their duties, training and unit mission.

What would you like others to know about you?

I would like others to know that I am a team player who likes to get the job done and have fun at the same time.