Today, the 1st of July, 2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of the "All Volunteer" force that continues to defend our Nation and the American way of life. As Soldiers we freely answered America's call to serve in the world's premier Army. We value your continued service and dedication to the team, and we are committed to sustaining your trust in the U.S. Army now and in the future as "Soldiers for Life".

The Chief of Staff of the Army established the Soldier for Life program a year ago to maintain the trust with our Army Family during and after your service. This initiative is designed to enable Soldiers, Veterans and Families to leave military service "career ready" using an established network to find the employment, education and health care required. We know the value and outstanding capabilities Soldiers bring to any organization, and we encourage you to continue to serve our nation by instilling Army values, the Warrior ethos, and your leadership within communities across America.

No matter the length of service, we will all transition to civilian life at some point. We Start Strong with a firm commitment to serve, but the most effective way to successfully transition is to prepare early while you Serve Strong. Use the Army's Career Tracker and our Credentialing Opportunities On-Line to enhance your preparation for future opportunities. Our certification and licensing programs help translate your MOS and leadership skills into "career ready" credentials recognized by civilian employers.

As you continue this process, we have additional resources in place to help you Reintegrate Strong. One year prior to your separation, you are required to attend and complete the Army Career and Alumni Program's preparation workshop:

This workshop formally prepares you to navigate the transition process from active service to civilian life. The Army's virtual tool for connecting you with employers is the Hero 2 Hired website: It's free; it works, use it. Finally, start a personal network of friends, mentors, and civilians who can assist you during the transition process and connect you to employment opportunities.

As you reintegrate and Remain Army Strong, help us "Tell the Army Story" across America to inspire the next generation of Soldiers to serve. Our Soldier for Life program externally engages support organizations, businesses, colleges, and local government officials who desire to assist you during and after the transition. Every day I meet great people and organizations who want to bring you into their communities so you can continue to serve as "Soldiers for Life." Our programs stand ready to assist and connect you to these resources via email: or through the website: I challenge you to continue to Remain Army Strong by ensuring you Reintegrate and Serve Strong within your community.

John F. Campbell
General, 34th Vice Chief of Staff
U.S. Army