YONGSAN GARRISON -- Soldiers from the 106th Medical Detachment (VS) visited Sunin Church Yongsan Wonhyoro to enhance the Korea-U.S. relationship with middle school children, July 13.

During the visit the soldiers demonstrated some of the U.S. Army physical readiness training (PRT).

"We wanted to come out and show them some of the things we do in the Army," said Sgt. 1st Class Francesea Ross. "I really think the trust between the Korea-U.S. is getting stronger the more we do these type of events."

It wasn't all work for the kids. Chris Vaia performed balloon tricks for the students and created different shapes of balloons to give to each child.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to come out to support this event," Vina said. "Seeing a smile on these kids' faces is priceless, and I am thankful to have the support from the soldiers"

Sgt. Martha Parker of 106th Medical Det., received a certificate of appreciation for providing her services for many months as a volunteer reader to the middle school children.

"I want to thank all of the soldiers from 106th Medical Detachment for all of their support in making this event fun and educational for the kids," said Hung Seo. "I am honored to be able to have this great bond with the U.S. soldiers and hope to continue to grow a stronger relationship in the years to come."