YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Knowing what's going on in the community is the key to making this a great assignment. In Yongsan, we are always looking for ways to communicate with you.

Of course, you'll find community information in our local command newspaper, the "Morning Calm." You'll also find out what is going on through AFN Korea radio and television. But, let me tell you what else we have.

The "Seoul Word this Week" is a mass e-mail that goes out to all @korea.army.mil addresses in Area II each Friday. If you would like to subscribe to this service, visit our Web site and click on the SUBSCRIBE SEOUL WORD link in the upper right-hand corner.

While you're visiting our web site, let me give you the grand tour. Our site is one of the premiere military web sites on the Internet. We invest hours nearly every day in updating information as well as posting photos and stories.

The site design is based on the U.S. Army look and feel. We've organized our information into modules. The "Top Story" section is our featured big event in the community. Right below the top story, you'll find "In the News" with links to current USAG-Yongsan press releases and stories. We put out about eight stories each week.

To the right of the news module you'll find a section that is near and dear to my heart, the "Volunteer Spotlight." We feature a new volunteer each week to let the community know about they great work they're doing.

Next, we have the "Yongsan Radar." This section, with a bright yellow background, is where you'll find the vital information we need to communicate. Whether it's an update on road conditions, a school delay or force protection advisory, this is where you need to look for our high-priority announcements.

To the right of the radar, we have "Community Information." Here, you'll find a scrolling marquee of community events and announcements. If you click on an announcement, it will load a full page of all our current events with who, what, when, where and who to call for more information.

Below the community information module, we feature an outstanding community member with "Community Focus." In our community of more than 25,000 American Servicemembers, Civilian Employees, Family Members, retirees and contractors we have some really outstanding people with compelling stories. Learn about them here.

Next, we have a mini-welcome guide. This is a compilation of nice-to-know and need-to-know information for new community members.

For our Korean speaking community members, we translate all of our stories into Korean. You'll find the links to the USAG-Yongsan press releases in Korean in the lower right-hand corner.

Along the very top of the site, you'll see a string of great links: Home, Welcome Guide, Outlook Calendar, Good Neighbors, Telephone Directory, Weather, Yongsan A-Z and a link to Contact Us.

Please visit the telephone directory and Yongsan A-Z. If you need to find out information about a building number, hours of operation or a telephone number, these are great starting points.

We also have quick links to the AAFES Yongsan movie schedule and the Army homepage. All of the photos we take are posted to the Garrison Flickr photo-sharing site. You can view the Commander's Access Channel from Quick Links, as well as contact me personally through my "Commander's Hotline." You can also request publicity or drop us some feedback through the ICE comments link.

We are serious about communicating with everyone in the Yongsan community and beyond. For example, if you visit the Army.mil News Section, you will find many stories about our Yongsan community. We are committed to telling the USAG-Yongsan story to the world and in turn making this an even better community.

USAG-Yongsan is truly an Army Community of Excellence because you are informed, educated and involved. See you on the web!