YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Yongsan Child and Youth Services has immediate part-time and full-time job openings in the Child Development Center, School-Age Services, Middle School and Teen Program, and Youth Sports.

The positions offer broad salary ranges, starting at $9.58 per hour, along with paid training and pay raises at six and 18 months.

"Working in CYS provides many benefits," said Dr. Roxanne Chancellor, USAG-Yongsan CYS coordinator. "Not only do staff members get to be part of an enriching learning environment to help our children grow, but the new skills employees acquire will benefit them here and in future positions within and outside Army CYS programs."

Of the 26 vacancies, most are part-time program assistant positions, with three of the jobs open to Korean nationals. Applicants must be at least 18-years-old and be high school graduates.

"Our staff members earn paid annual leave and sick leave," Chancellor said. "CYS also provides a 20 percent discount to employees who have children in the Child Development Center or School-Age Services programs."

Interested applicants should contact the USAG-Yongsan Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at 738-3630 or Chancellor at 738-2311.

The CPAC, located in Bldg. 4314, can assist with applications. Applications must be submitted through the web-based Civilian Personnel Online system at www.cpol.army.mil. NAF positions are listed under the "Special Programs" section.

Spouses and Family Members, current NAF and civil service employees, retirees, and other eligible individuals may apply.

Open program assistant positions
Aca,!Ac 12 part-time
Aca,!Ac 3 Korean National part-time; two at CDC, one at Middle School and Teen Center
Aca,!Ac 5 full-time lead positions at CDC
Aca,!Ac 3 part-time lead positions; one at SAS and one at Middle School and Teen Center
Aca,!Ac 1 part-time technology lab instructor at Middle School and Teen Center

Open management positions
Aca,!Ac Assistant CDC Director (full-time), NF-03
Aca,!Ac Part-time site leader for Middle School and Teen Center, NF-03
Aca,!Ac Full-time outreach services director, NF-04