FORT BENNING, Ga., (July 17, 2013) -- If you are wondering about the best course of action for your children because you are furloughed or your child attends a school on post -- the Child, Youth, & School Services program is offering day care that caters to parents' needs.

CYSS Director Jeannie Williams said parents have been inquiring about day care options regarding furlough days and how they will be able to get child care. But also, what to do if a parent takes a child out of day care on a furlough day.

For parents being furloughed, Williams said they will be offered a discounted rate if their children are currently enrolled in full-time day care.

"(They will receive a) temporary re-evaluation of the household's total Family income or if the child will be removed from care during the furlough days, will receive a 20 percent discount off current monthly fees for each child," Williams said. 

Parents who take their children out of day care on furlough days should bring a furlough letter to Parent Central Services' office, she said.

Those with children in on-post schools will be able to use some day care services at an hourly rate. But if you are not able to afford child care, you will be referred to the Army Community Service's financial readiness program, she said.

To take advantage of the CYSS options, registration is required and children must be registered at CYS. Because of the limited availability of spaces open at the day care, Williams suggests registering and reserving a space as early as possible.

Neighbors are also able to baby-sit children in government housing for no more than 10 hours a week, she said. It is considered a neighborly gesture, and is another option to get through the furlough period.

For more information, contact Parent Central at 706-545-2079.