GRAFENWOEHR, Germany (July 17, 2013) -- When you think of a vacation, generally images of beach, sun and adventure in a faraway land collide in your head. What you don't usually think of is work. But if you're as passionate about what you do as Eric Martindale, you just can't help yourself.

"Health is such an important topic and this day and age we have more problems than knowledge," said Martindale. "It honestly doesn't feel like work."

Martindale is currently in Germany on a three-month tourist visa. In between traveling the continent and visiting friends in Grafenwoehr, Germany, the certified nutrition consultant is lending his expertise on cellular nutrition to the military community free of charge.

The audience was small but attentive, July 10, 2013, as Martindale began his presentation titled "Optimal Nutrition: Understanding the Science of Cellular Nutrition." He dove into the raw truth about food, degenerative disease and the reality of today's health standards by revealing eye-opening statics.

Additionally, Martindale talked about the difference between being proactive and reactive toward health.

"We don't think about what we can do until we have symptoms," said Martindale. "But to better maintain health, we need to live proactively to stop those symptoms from happening in the first place."

That, said Martindale, is the key to optimal health and overall wellness.

"Our health is an accumulation of the choices we've made up until this point," he said, adding that it's never too late to start making better choices.

Martindale will volunteer his time once more by presenting information on cellular nutrition Thursday, July 25, at 5:30 p.m., in the group fitness room of the Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center in Grafenwoehr. The community is invited to attend and to ask any questions regarding their health and wellness goals.

"It's my ultimate goal to give the listeners and viewers some tangible advice and equip them with knowledge to incorporate everything we talk about into their lifestyle," he said.