Deputy Provost Marshal General COL David P. Glaser was nominated for his first star July 2, one of 36 nominees. COL Glaser, a career Military Police officer, is responsible for oversight of U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, Army Corrections Command and the Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency.COL Glaser, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, was commissioned via Army ROTC at Xavier University in 1985 and has served across the U.S., Europe and Iraq. He commanded the 519th MP Battalion (Viper 6) in Baghdad, Iraq, in 2003, performing combat support, policing and stability operations in Baghdad. He deployed a second time to Iraq in 2008 and 2009 in command of the 42nd MP Brigade as part of Joint Task Force 134, conducting detention, reconciliation, reintegration and rule of law capacity-building operations.The DPMG role is not COL Glaser's first time serving under MG David E. Quantock, the Provost Marshal General. He also reported to MG Quantock during his second Iraq deployment, when MG Quantock commanded Joint Task Force 134. MG Quantock assumed command of Joint Task Force 134 from RADM Garland Wright. COL Glaser speaks highly of both commanders, and of their mutual integrity and vision. "They personally spoke to everybody," he said, ensuring that privates and corporals knew that what they were doing was "not just a guard mission," but an integral part of rebuilding Iraq's civil society.COL Glaser also cites enlisted role models in Command Sergeants Major Mark Farley and Ed Dahl. "They showed the importance of what standards and discipline bring to the mission set," he said. Both are retired now after distinguished enlisted careers.The DPMG billet is already a one-star position. COL Glaser will remain there for the duration of his orders -- likely a year -- during which time the Senate can be expected to confirm the latest General Officer/Flag Officer promotions. After leaving the DPMG role, he can be assigned to a wide variety of General Officer positions, most of which are outside the MP community.