ACC-NCR closure ceremony
Undra Robinson, chief of staff, Army Contracting Command"National Capital Region, Michael Hutchison, ACC deputy to the commanding general, Maj. Gen, Camille M. Nichols, ACC commanding general and Command Sgt. Maj. John L. Murray, ACC command sergeant... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--The Army Contracting Command-National Capital Region contracting center here cased its colors July 11, signifying its inactivation.

The Army announced the center's closure in November and estimates the move will save about $13 million annually, once the transition is complete. The savings will be achieved through increased efficiencies, reduced facilities and information technology costs, reduced turnover and reduced locality pay as the positions are moved outside the National Capital Region.

"The professionalism of our ACC-NCR teammates was instrumental in the successful closure of this activity and the transition of workload to gaining units," said Camille M. Nichols, command general, Army Contracting Command. "I am extremely proud of their commitment and look forward to their continued success."

According to Jack Cunnane, ACC-NCR deputy director, the staff has been focused on transferring the center's workload to other ACC contracting centers and offices. This includes about 750 active contract actions and contract closeout work. The bulk of the center's non-Army workload was transferred to the Washington Headquarters Services' acquisition directorate.

Prior to 2008, the Contracting Center of Excellence, located in the Pentagon, and the Information Technology, E-Commerce and Commercial contracting centers, located in

Alexandria and Fort Huachuca, Ariz., were organizations subordinate to the Army Contracting Agency. ACA was disbanded in 2008 when ACC was activated. The contracting centers became part of ACC.

In April 2010, the Contracting Center of Excellence and the Information Technology, E-Commerce and Commercial contracting centers merged into one organization--the National Capital Region Contracting Center, located here. It was one of six ACC contracting centers.

ACC rebranded its contracting centers in January 2011, giving the contracting center its current name.

ACC-NCR provided contracting and acquisition support for the Army headquarters staff, including the Army Chief Information Office, and most Department of Defense-level Pentagon tenants. It also provided global contracting support to war fighters.

At the time of the November announcement, approximately 200 civilian and five military personnel were assigned to ACC-NCR. All civilians were offered a guaranteed job through management-directed reassignments. Soldiers received other military assignments. Those civilians who declined their reassignments were then eligible for other government employment programs such as the Department of Defense Preferred Placement Program and ACC's Command Assistance for Placing Employees program. All but three of the center's civilians found new employment or retired. More than half of the center's civilians moved to other ACC positions.

"It is a sad day as we case the ACC-NCR colors but as with any change, it brings possibilities for a new and brighter future," said Michael Hutchison, ACC deputy to the commanding general.