Every three years, Army-wide, Army Community Service (ACS) programs are evaluated in accordance with Department of Army ACS accreditation standards. The re-accreditation process is the instrument used to validate that ACS programs are being conducted in accordance with public law, the Department of Defense, Department of Defense instructions and applicable regulations.

Standards address thirteen areas: structure, oversight, management, deployment or mobilization and stability and support operations readiness, Family Advocacy Program, Exceptional Family Member Program, Army Family Action Plan, Army Family Team Building, Relocation Readiness, Employment Readiness, Financial Readiness, Army Volunteer Corps and transitional compensation for abused dependents.

During the week of June 3 to 7, the USAG Humphreys and Area III program was evaluated by a Department of the Army inspection team and recommended for re-accreditation with commendation for another 3 year period. In accordance with Department of the Army Pamphlet 608-17, Accreditation Ratings, full accreditation with commendation is achieved when all Category 1 standards are met and 95% of Category 2 standards are met. Category 1 standards are requirements relating to areas such as liability, risk to patient/client, safety, public law and Department of Defense regulations.

There are 150 of these standards and 100% compliance is required. There are 58 Category 2 standards that are assigned a weight of five points each. USAG Humphreys ACS met all 208 standards, both Categories 1 and 2, for an outstanding compliance rate of 100%. "ACS continuously strives to be in compliance with the Dept. of Army ACS accreditation standards, which were implemented to ensure a standardization of services for ACS programs Dept. of Army-wide.

The inspections validate past services and programs provided, as well as those currently in place at the time of the evaluation visit," Suzanne James, USAG Humphreys ACS Director, explained of the accomplishment. Congratulations to the ACS team on a job continually well done!