SUWON AIR BASE -- More than 1000 civilians and 45 Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery participated in the Nation Love Concert at the Suwon Outdoor Concert Hall, June 18. Suwon City and Ministry of Patriot-Veterans organized the Love Concert to honor Korean fallen heroes. The event included several famous Korean pop artists that used traditional music to give Soldiers a better understating of Korean culture.

My uncle and grandfather served in the Korean War", said Spc. Micheal Leduc, 6-52 Headquarters and Headquarters Battery mechanic. "I am honored to be invited to this concert, and it was educational to experience more Korean culture." At the beginning of the concert, the host welcomed the Air Defenders. He also added that the presence of the US Soldiers will bring highly positive influence to the local community as their alliance.

"With this opportunity, I learned Korean history, especially the relationship between the Korean Army and US Army," said Kim Yoo Jin, a 23-year-old Korean from Suwon city. "This concert will be unforgettable." Upon their return to Suwon AB, the Soldiers seemed excited to be part of the local community and honored to serve in South Korea.