The 75th Fires Brigade welcomed its new commander during a change of command ceremony June 24 in the Army Central Command's area of operations in the United Arab Emirates.

Outgoing commander, Col. Alfredo Najera ceded command of the "Tough As Diamonds" brigade to Col. Michael Eastman.

Najera served as brigade commander for two years. In that time span, units under his command were deployed to various combat zones and hazardous-duty locations, including Afghanistan.

Najera consistently prompted Soldiers to maintain a high state of readiness for any mission they could potentially receive at any given time.

On some occasions, Najera's warnings seemed like a self-fulfilling prophecy; some units assigned to the brigade were deployed less than two months after receiving official orders confirming their missions.

The headquarters element for the brigade currently in the USARCENT area of operations serves as a Force Field Artillery Headquarters.