As we celebrate Independence Day, we remember the citizens who joined together 238 years ago to secure our independence. Those citizen Soldiers accomplished the seemingly insurmountable task of defeating a superior force to form our Nation. Through time, they and the generations who followed, confronted adversity to preserve and protect our country's freedoms and rights. They remain a tremendous source of inspiration to the United States and its Army.

This July, we also commemorate the 40th anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force. As we reflect on the courage, commitment and character of earlier generations, we recognize that today's Soldiers stand very tall upon the shoulders of all those who came before. We take great pride in upholding the legacy of selfless service begun by the Soldiers of the American Revolution and passed on by every succeeding generation.

A strong Army remains the bedrock of our Nation, ensuring the protection of our freedoms for the future. We are extremely proud of our men and women in uniform. They raised their right hands to serve in the world's best Army and remain prepared to defend our uniquely American ideals of equality and liberty.

Army Strong in Service to the Nation!


John M. McHugh - Secretary of the Army

Raymond T. Odierno - General, United States Army - Chief of Staff

Raymond F. Chandler III - Sergeant Major of the Army