Soldiers no longer have to go to the ID card processing center to update their DEERS information and get Common Access Cards.
Thanks to the RAPIDS Self Service system, Soldiers can digitally fill out an 1172-2 form to be able to get CACs for themselves and their Family members.
"It's another tool for the Soldiers to have if they want to update their information in the DEERS system," said Ken Johnson, Directorate of Human Resources ID card section supervisor. "That way, the sponsor doesn't have to come in with his dependents to do ID cards."
Soldiers can add or change data to DEERS, add or change their email address to receive initial or new work email certificates, add a new Personnel Category Code to their CAC or activate the PIV Authentication Certificate.
Another option the RSS system provides Soldiers and their Families is the ability to get a new ID card for a child that lives in a different state, according to Johnson. The Soldier's information just needs to be up-to-date in DEERS and his or her child can easily get another identification card.
"My daughter attends college in Durham, N.C.," said Johnson. "If she loses her ID card, I can go to the system, make sure the information is updated, digitally sign it with my CAC and the closest ID facility in Durham can access the information and issue my daughter a new ID card."
Soldiers on deployment are also able to use the RSS system to help a Family member get a new ID card.
"If they can get to the internet with CAC ability, they can put their card in, go to the secure website, update (their information) and in less than five minutes we can see it and issue a new card for their Family member," said Johnson.
The RSS system has been out for more than a year, but not many Soldiers know about it, according to Johnson. He said he informs Soldiers of the system during his briefing at the newcomer's orientation so they don't waste time coming to his office.
Johnson feels like the system is a great tool the Department of Defense has provided Soldiers and their Families.
"It is a great service that DoD has provided for servicemembers," said Johnson. "They don't have to come into the office and sit and wait to go through the process."