ANSBACH, Germany (June 27, 2013) -- Americans living in Germany have a new means by which they can connect to their host nation. Those wishing to meet locals, those who have enjoyed the hospitality of Stadt Ansbach and have wanted to delve further into the community, those who have wanted to expand their international circle of friends and have wanted to expand their vocabulary can pursue their goals through the Outreach-KONTAKT Ansbach Club.

An Outreach-KONTAKT club is a German-American friendship club that brings Germans and Americans of all walks of life together for the express purpose of meeting and socializing. It is U.S. Army Europe's only regulatory outreach community relations program and connects the Army populace to the local populace in current, enduring and former USAREUR communities.

The Outreach-KONTAKT program gives American Soldiers, Family members and civilians an opportunity to learn about Germany and understand its culture alongside Germans and citizens of other countries. It serves as a bridge to overcome cultural differences. Outreach-KONTAKT club members are goodwill ambassadors for both the United States and Germany.

This particular club also presents its attendees with a rare opportunity.

The Outreach-KONTAKT Ansbach Club holds its inaugural meeting July 2 at 6:30 p.m. at Zum Mohren -- Pfarrstrasse 9 -- in Ansbach. For those in attendance, this is a chance to found a club. Joining the club at this early stage is a chance to design and shape the club from the ground up. Attendees at this initial meeting are encouraged to bring their ideas and enthusiasm.

Members can plan events and outings such as monthly Stammtisches, trips to nearby sights, bowling nights, cooking classes, Volksmarches, book clubs, Fasching/Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties and more.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to come, whether living in Ansbach or anywhere in the surrounding region.

Those who can't make this first meeting should not be discouraged either. More meetings and Stammtisch events will be announced online at

To learn more, call 09811-83-7786 or DSN 468-7786.