In order to formally represent the unit's rapidly approaching departure to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, 2d Cavalry Regiment Troops conducted a colors casing ceremony June 26, 2013 at Rose Barracks, Germany.

Col. D. A. Sims, commander of 2 CR, spoke on behalf of the Troops ready to deploy about the sacrifices they are about to make in support of a partner nation.

"For the fourth time in the past 10 years the men and woman of the 2d Cavalry Regiment are gathered to commemorate the casing of our unit's colors and the transport from our home to combat operations," said Sims. "Again, the Dragoons are answering the call of the nation and separated from family and friends to accomplish the mission necessary for success in Afghanistan."

Lt. Gen. Donald M. Campbell Jr., U.S. Army Europe commanding general, expressed his gratitude for the Troops conducting the ceremony and those deploying with the regiment in support of OEF.

"I truly appreciate the outstanding efforts of the honor guard, the soldiers and leaders standing in formation today," said Campbell. "With less than one percent of our population serving in the armed forces, these sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, truly represent the most selfless and bravest of our nation."

Troops with the regiment have shown characteristics required of professionals and continue to acquire the proper skills needed for success during their upcoming mission.

"I am privileged to deploy with the finest group of soldiers and leaders our nation has to offer, said Sims. "In the past six months, the regiment has displayed the traits which will make it successful over the next nine. Among others, flexibility, tenacity, professionalism and dedication have been on daily display here in Rose Barracks and throughout the training areas. In all cases the men and woman of the Second Regiment of Dragoons persevered and continue to hone the skills required for the current situation in the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan."

Campbell was thankful to have been able to speak to the Troops during the ceremony and expressed his confidence in the unit's leaders.

"I am truly fortunate and honored to be here today to ensure that I can express my pride and confidence in this great regiment's abilities in the sacrifice and support of this great nation, said Campbell. "I can't think of a better unit to send forward during these times than the Dragoons led by Col. D. A. Sims and Command Sgt. Maj. Wilbert Engram."

During the deployment, unit responsibilities in Germany will be handled by the Dragoon Ready Reserve, a detachment of Troops who will conduct training and missions in support of U.S. European Command Theater Security Cooperation in the local Bavarian Military Community.