After one month of the Commander's energy Conservation Cup competition several buildings are performing very well and reducing electricity usage while others are struggling to get their usage down.

Here are the results after the first month of the program:
Building 231 reduced 25%
Building 229 reduced 18%
Building 210 reduced 15%
Building 230W reduced 11%
Building 230E/C reduced 7%
Building 201 reduced 5%
Building 205 reduced 5%
Building 200D reduced 4%
Building 270 reduced 3%
Building 249 reduced 2%
Building 215 increased 5%
Building 212B increased 22%
Building 255 increased 28%
Building 212 increased 35%

All building in the competition were compared against their electricity usage during the same period last year.

A review of this information shows that some buildings can improve their performance by reducing the peaks and some by reducing the consumption during off hours.

The foremost reason behind this Commander's Energy Conservation Cup is our current need to help the Army sustain functions necessary for war fighter readiness. The other major reason is to safeguard the environment from the harmful effects of fossil fuels used to produce the energy consumed. The more fossil fuels are burned, the more our environment is hit by pollution. Even switching off a bulb, when not in use, helps reduce the consumption of some fuel source which is burnt to produce that kilowatt-hour of energy. Turning off fans, televisions and other electronic equipment not only do a great deal in conserving energy, but also in protecting the environment.

Conserving energy is important for yet another reason which, is an obvious one. Low electricity bills, reduced maintenance, operating and service costs for electronic equipment are some of the prime benefits, which we can derive, if we use our sources of energy only when required and sparingly.

Energy conservation is important even with regards to social impact on communities. Conserving energy is equivalent to saving a good deal of fortune for our kids and their generations. It is also important to understand that energy must be used only when it is required and essential. If your workplace is too cold or too warm for your comfort, be proactive and initiate some changes in your personal clothing or in the office environment. Loose fitting clothes with light colors help in keeping you a little cooler. Or, adding an extra layer of clothes will make you feel warmer.

Also if it is hot in the workplace and very pleasant outside, try opening some windows or shading the windows to avoid direct sunlight. But remember if it is humid outside, it is better to keep the windows shut. Personal fans may also be used instead of reducing the cooling set point for the whole area. Small personal fans consume less power than some bulbs. But the same cannot be said about personal space heaters. Personal space heaters consume as much power as lighting in an average size home. If all else fails call the Helpdesk at 282-5326 through your Zone Coordinator/Building Energy Monitor.

It is not possible to completely avoid the use of energy by anyone, but consumption can surely be reduced. Use your resources only when required. Remember, the Earth has enough for your need, but not for your greed.