TEAD using communication to stay on top

TOOELE, Utah - Tooele Army Depot's new look is part of an overall plan for the depot to promote itself to supporters and potential customers.

Signage around the depot, and a redesigned Web site and newsletter are also part of the plan. The new logo and tagline, "Always at the Ready," reinforce the depot's top qualities of readiness, expertise and dedication.

The changes will allow the depot to better show the world our employees' talent and their commitment to excellence. In an era where the lines between business and military are blurring, the depot also will be taking a bold step in building an image for itself as a facility rich with munitions expertise and capabilities.

Tooele's image will be especially important as business development initiatives examine new partners, customers and channels of work, securing the workforce and helping the depot to grow. Other military installations have developed similar programs to help them achieve operations goals and promote themselves. For TEAD, the communication plans allow the depot to take advantage of evolving opportunities, both within the military and the private sector.

A recent report by the Defense Science Board stressed the importance of strategic communication and marketing for the government and military. The report attributed strategic communication plans to successfully bringing skills and people together, integrating and building new technologies.

Tooele's leadership recognized the value of having a communication plan and is now working to turn plans into actions. Our new image is one step towards that aim.

"TEAD employees have been living the mission for a long time," said Col. Anne L. Davis, TEAD commander, "The updated look recognizes the truly standout work being done here."