FORT BENNING, Ga., (June 19, 2013) -- Chesapeake Energy is presenting an oil and gas presentation, followed by interviews for transitioning Soldiers seeking employment June 25-26 at the Army Career and Alumni Program, Building 2652, which is located on the corner of Dixie Road and Michael Street.

The presentation will be from 3-4 p.m. June 25 and scheduled interviews will be June 26. For more information, contact ACAP at 706-545-2308 or 706-545-2309. Below is a question and answer session with Jason Allbaugh, Chesapeake Energy Corporation military relations representative.

What kind of potential employees are you seeking to hire? What sorts of jobs are available?
Chesapeake encourages veterans to be involved across the company, from field work to logistics to engineering. We don't limit opportunities for veterans to just one area of the company; instead we work to place them in positions where they will be most successful based on their skills and interests.

Where are these jobs located?

Chesapeake is based in Oklahoma City, Okla., and we are always recruiting for corporate positions at our headquarters. Also, we have operations across the country and our field positions are popular with veterans. Currently, our most active areas are south Texas and Ohio, and we have job openings in both states.

What military jobs or skills would translate to the jobs you are looking to fill?
There are a number of skills and characteristics that many veterans possess, making them excellent employees. At Chesapeake, we look for individuals who are disciplined and thorough, and committed to teamwork. Safety is a key focus in our industry and we need to be able to count on our employees to make smart decisions in any situation. We also value leadership skills and applicants with attention to detail.

The military provides technical training that we've found enables veterans to advance quickly in our industry. And many veterans are passionate about energy independence after serving overseas.

These veterans fit in well with our culture as we work to produce domestic energy resources and reduce OPEC oil imports.

Why should Soldiers attend the event?

Soldiers should attend the event to get more information about Chesapeake and learn about jobs in the energy industry in general. The energy sector is booming and has a strong future. This means jobs today and career growth opportunities tomorrow.

During the event, Soldiers can expect to talk directly with Chesapeake recruiters and initiate the application process if they're interested.

What makes you a military-friendly company?

Chesapeake takes veteran hiring seriously, recognizing the many benefits service members bring to our workforce. I am part of our military hiring team -- a dedicated group of recruiters that focuses on military talent. Many of us are former military personnel or have ties to the military culture and know it well.

At Chesapeake, support for veterans goes beyond hiring. For example, we created Troop Connect -- a dedicated website to provide resources to veterans within the company. And I can speak from personal experience that the company is supportive of its employees who are called to deploy.

And I can't forget to mention that Chesapeake has been named to Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for six consecutive years. While that's not specific to veterans, it shows what a great work environment Chesapeake has.

Anything else?

We're proud to have hired more than 600 veterans last year alone, as well as to be recognized by G.I. Jobs magazine as a Top 100 Military Friendly Employer for two consecutive years.