Continuous process improvement doesn't end when a Lean Six Sigma project is complete.

Who are the people who keep improvements on track' That is where the ASC Logistics Support and Evaluation Team steps in.

The ALSET conducts evaluations and performs the duties of the Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team to enhance the ASC Commander's overall situational awareness of ongoing operations within ASC.

After a process improvement has been identified, it is implemented at a site. At that point, the ALSET evaluates how well the implementation is being carried out and ensuring the standards and controls are in place to sustain the improvement.

"The ALSET team serves as the 'standards pilot' for all ASC operations," said Joe Reinholz, equipment specialist on the ALSET team. "We disseminate policies and procedures established by ASC as well as provide guidance for administrative record requirements, equipment readiness, maintenance and supply management."

The team provides the ASC commander a resource to conduct research and provide recommendations to solve logistics problems. Most importantly, they are helping identify "best practices" to facilitate enterprise-wide information sharing.

Formed in three- to seven-person evaluation teams, the group is highly proficient in the evaluation process and has a deep understanding of Army policies, procedures and regulatory requirements. In addition, they possess the technical skills to evaluate equipment readiness.

The teams evaluate Army Field Support Brigades as well as Army Prepositioned Stock sites, and are venturing into the Left Behind Equipment arena. Members of the team often travel two weeks out of the month, with team members rotating travel assignments.

The already small office is shrinking, making each team member even more critical to performing the mission. "Right now we are only seven deep," said Reinholz, "And we are losing our two enlisted Soldiers this month."

The ALSET team is just one part of an omnibus team working hard to ensure that best practices are communicated across the command.

"As the 'standards pilot' for the command, the ALSET team ensures that our operations are performing to the Army standards," said the Director of the Command Assessment and Continuous Improvement Office, Jerry DeLaCruz. "The team provides technical assessments, trains our units to apply the right standards, and assists with replication of best practices. Combining these capabilities enables us to learn and share successes across our ASC Enterprise."