WATERVLIET ARSENAL, N.Y. (June 19, 2013) -- To take a sporting term that is widely known from this part of the country, New York's Capital District hit a "trifecta" this past Fathers' Day due in large part to the great relationship the Watervliet Arsenal has with the City of Albany. The arsenal and the City of Albany provided a free, military concert to more than 1,800 area residents June 16.

Not only did the community get to celebrate Fathers' Day at no cost, but the arsenal also took this opportunity to promote and honor the Army's 238th Birthday and the arsenal's 200th anniversary.

In an earlier event leading up to the concert, Albany Mayor Gerald Jennings said, "Although the Capital District is not a military community such as one would find at Watertown, N.Y. and Fort Drum, it is nonetheless a community with military."

The mayor was alluding to the fact that although the arsenal is the only active Army post between West Point and Fort Drum, the Capital District remains rich with those who have, and continue to do so today, served in the military.

Jennings went on and praised the arsenal, prior to introducing the Arsenal Commander Col. Mark. F. Migaleddi, for its support in working with his staff coordinating the concert, as well as for providing 200 years of continuous support to the nation's warfighters.

Migaleddi wished everyone a Happy 238th Birthday as he reminded everyone that they too share in the celebration as New Yorkers have always led the country in service to our nation. He also reminded those in attendance that the arsenal was their arsenal,too, in that they have provided the skilled workforce for the arsenal in every military conflict since the War of 1812.

Nearly six months ago, the arsenal began coordinating for two Army Reserve bands to perform at this annual event. But due to sequestration and the fiscal uncertainty in the Defense Department, one of the bands backed out. Nevertheless, the 94th Army Reserve Band out of Connecticut picked up the additional mission and provided an additional song set to fill the void. They provided a traditional military song set and then got the crowd dancing as they had two rock band ensembles perform.

To assist the 94th Band, the New York City's USO Liberty Bells performed a wide variety of music selections from singing the National Anthem to more contemporary-type of music. This four-person performance was certainly a crowd pleaser in that they often engaged the attendees either in the stands or in front of the stage.

The bottom line is that for those who came out they witnessed skills and professionalism that reside in military and military-related organizations, such as the Army Reserves and the USO.

This was the third Fathers' Day Concert in the last four years that the arsenal had coordinated for the Army bands to perform at.

The Watervliet Arsenal will celebrate its 200th anniversary on July 14, 2013. It is an Army-owned and -operated manufacturing center that produces advanced, high-powered weaponry for U.S. and foreign militaries.