Greg Yada, project manager from the Programs and Project Management Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District, was presented the Commander's Award for Civilian Service, during Pine Bluff Arsenal's Safety Stand Down Day May 9.

"He orchestrated numerous aspects of the work including the intricate synchronization of the two project schedules with the PBA Production schedules and with the on the ground construction efforts," read the award certificate. "Adroitly coordinating with the Directorate of Public Works, Ammunition Operations and Engineering and Technology, and the contractors, these efforts ensured the goals of both PBA and contractors were achieved with minimal disruption."

Yada has been instrumental in working with the Arsenal on two major high-profile construction projects since 2010, specifically the bomb storage upgrades and the steam line replacement project. Both projects are collectively valued at over $37 million.

"The Commander's Award for Civilian Service was definitely unexpected, especially the high level of award," said Yada. "To me, the award represents outstanding teamwork and trust we have bilaterally worked to build, so I give a lot of credit to my teammates. This award validated the focus, intensity and hard work we have done in recent years, so this award means the world to me because the PBA leadership made a conscious and optional decision to present the award as a client of professional services. The award also means a lot for Little Rock District because not every district receives an award from their customer. "

The bomb storage upgrades came out of funding from the fiscal year 2010 Department of Defense-U.S. Army Appropriations budget. These warehouses are used to store ammunition and explosive components that support the Arsenal's joint service ammunition mission.

Upgrades on the buildings consisted of installing new fire protection and detection systems, lightning protection systems, new roofs, doors, docks and lighting, improvement of roads and drives, power systems, water supply systems and other related work. The steam line replacement project came out of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 funds. The project replaces and upgrades critical energy infrastructure at the Arsenal

"Greg has been like family to us here at PBA," said Mike McCormack, director of Public Works. "As a Project Manager on two high profile projects he has distinguished himself in coordinating the work with multiple Directorates, the prime contractor, Carson and Associates, and numerous sub-contractors."

"This was not an easy task, and Greg and his team made it happen. I look forward to working with him and the Little Rock District Corps of Engineers in the future; they're a top notch organization," McCormack added.