Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. - Gen. Dennis L. Via, commanding general, Army Materiel Command, visited Army Contracting Command-Rock Island on June 13 during a trip to the Quad Cities.

During his stop at ACC-RI, he received an overview of the contracting center from Col. John P. Hannon, ACC-RI Acting Director, and other ACC-RI senior leaders. He also hosted a town hall for approximately 500 employees, in which he focused on employee concerns related to the sequester and upcoming furlough, budgets and the future of AMC and ACC.

Via said that in the past 10 months serving as AMC commanding general, he has made approximately 200 trips around the world, including two trips to Rock Island in 2012. He was unable to visit ACC-RI during those trips, so he said he made it a point to visit during this trip.

"The joy that I get out of this job is going out to see the folks that do the work," said Via. "You represent why we have such a great command. The work that you do here allows our service men and women who are in harm's way to receive the equipment and materiel that they require to accomplish their mission and return home safely to their families."

Via said he wanted to thank ACC-RI employees for what is oftentimes a thankless job.

"No one comes and tells you thank you," said Via. "They care what you did yesterday, but they are more concerned about what you're going to do tomorrow. They pat you on the back and then give you another action … I want to thank you for what you do because I know it's heavy lifting that you do every day and we need you to do that for us."